Hrithik Roshan goes on a Vacation

Hrithik Roshan who underwent a surgery in d recent past is still recovering. As he is still recovering his shooting schedules of Bang Bang and Shuddhi are pushed. Reports were saying that he is going to US for a surgery but all the rumours are put to an end after his dad Rakesh Roshan clears all the rumours.

Hrithik Roshan is going on a vacation with his friends and he will get a test done for his recurring headaches there is no surgery that is going to happen in US. He says hrithik will be going to UK First and then he will be going to the US. Rakesh Roshan feels that Hrithik's health is more important and he is sure money can be manged later on. once Hrithik joins back things will be back on track, as Hrithik will wrap up everything `in six months' time`.