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Bollywood sex-symbol Mallika Sherawat, who has recently made her entry in ...  
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HOT CELEBRITIES: Mallika Sherawat, Queen in Bollywood and Hollywood 

Actresses Who Brought Sexy Back! 

Actresses Who Brought Sexy Back! 

Actresses Who Brought Sexy Back! 

Mallika-Sherawat-Sexy. Looks like Bollywood starlet Mallika Sherawat won't .. 

Mallika-Sherawat-Sexy. Looks like Bollywood starlet Mallika Sherawat won't .. 

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Mallika Sherawat, it seems is following the footsteps of Sherlyn Chopra. 


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Mallika Sherawat to play a Haryanvi girl in her next flick

Bollywood had been missing the Haryanvi sex kitten Mallika Sherawat who of late was spotted more at Hollywood parties than Bollywood ones. Now, Mallika is back to our tinsel town with her new flick Kismat Love Paisa Dilli (KLPD), to be directed by Sanjay Khanduri.

Mallika will be playing a feisty and outspoken bindaas Haryanvi girl in the flick which will be set in Delhi and its suburbs in Haryana. The movie revolves around the story of a Haryanvi girl meeting a Delhi boy and the story unravels over the course of just one night. Vivek Oberoi has been cast opposite Mallika as the male lead.

The film’s producer Amit Chandrra thinks Mallika Sherawat is the perfect choice for the movie because of her Haryanvi background. “Mallika is the perfect choice because she comes from the Haryanvi-Punjabi milieu. So, she can easily carry off the typical attitude and the body language of a North Indian girl, besides the natural grasp over the lingo,” says producer Amit Chandrra of Invincible Entertainment.

KLPD goes on floors later this month and will be shot extensively in Delhi around January-February. “We are going to shoot the film in a start-to-finish schedule,” says Chandrra.
Mallika Sherawat

Mallika Sherawat (Hindi: मल्लिका शेरावत, born Reema Lamba) is a former Indian model, now working as an actress in mainly Bollywood films. Known for her bold onscreen attitude,[1] Sherawat has been frequently featured in the media as a sex symbol.[2] She is one of the few Bollywood stars trying to crossover to Hollywood,[3][4] with films like Hisss and Politics of Love.[5]

Born Reema Lamba

Rohtak, Haryana, India

Occupation Actress

Years active 2002–present


Mallika Sherawat (Hindi: मल्लिका शेरावत, born Reema Lamba) is a former Indian model, now working as an actress in mainly Bollywood films. Known for her bold onscreen attitude,[1] Sherawat has been frequently featured in the media as a sex symbol.[2] She is one of the few Bollywood stars trying to crossover to Hollywood,[3][4] with films like Hisss and Politics of Love.[5]

Early life

Sherawat was born Reema Lamba in Rohtak, Haryana to a Jat family.[6] Mallika was born in the family of Seth

of Seth Chhaju Ram, a leading Jat philanthropist.[7] She was born on October 24, though the year is unknown.[8] She adopted the screen name of "Mallika", meaning "empress", to avoid confusion with other actresses named Reema.[9] "Sherawat" is her mother's maiden name[8] She has stated that she uses her mother's maiden name because of the support that her mother has provided her.[9] Although relations with her family were strained when she entered the film industry,[10] now Sherawat's family have accepted her career choice and reconciled their relations.[7]

Sherawat went to school at Delhi Public School, Mathura Road.[11] She has obtained a degree in philosophy from Miranda House, Delhi University.[12] During the initial days of her career, she claimed to have come from a very conservative small town family, and that she faced many hurdles from her family in pursuing her career.[13] However, Mallika's family has refuted this as a story created by her to give her an aura of a small town rustic girl who made it big in Bollywood.[10] It has been reported that she was married for a short while to a Jet Airways pilot Captain Karan Singh Gill.[10]


Before entering films, Sherawat appeared in television commercials with Amitabh Bachchan for BPL and Shahrukh Khan for Santro.[14] She also appeared in Nirmal Pandey's Maar Dala and Surjit Bindrakhia's Lak Tunoo music video.[15] She debuted in films with a small role in Jeena Sirf Merre Liye where she was credited as Reema Lamba.[16]

Sherawat attracted notice with her appearance in the 2003 film, Khwahish. In 2004, she starred in Murder, a film inspired by Hollywood's Unfaithful. She received a nomination for Best Actress at the Zee Cine Awards for her performance in Murder. The film went on to become one of the biggest hits of the year.[17]

Since then, Sherawat has been known for expressing her opinions in public, as well for the reaction to some of her statements.[18]

In 2005, Sherawat acted in The Myth, a Chinese film, co-starring with Jackie Chan. She played the role of an Indian princess who falls in love and is rescued by Jackie. The Myth was her first International film. Her appearance at the Cannes Film Festival[19] to promote the film grabbed a lot of attention with Time Magazine's Richard Corliss calling her "the next big thing".[20]

Her performance in the 2006 film Pyaar Ke Side Effects, co-starring Rahul Bose, won her praise from around the industry,[21] and the film also did moderately well at the box office.[22]

Her first release in 2007 was Mani Ratnam's Guru, in which she appeared in a special song, "Mayya Mayya". She also played a guest role in Himesh Reshammiya's Aap Ka Suroor - The Real Love Story and reportedly charged Rs. 15 million for a 10-minute appearance.[23] Her last release of 2007 was Welcome, which also did well at the box office receiving blockbuster status.[24]

Her 2008 releases were Ugly Aur Pagli and Maan Gaye Mughal-e-Azam. Both films were unsuccessful at the box office.

HollywoodIn 2009, Sherawat finished shooting a Hollywood film named Hisss co-starring Irrfan Khan and directed by Jennifer Lynch. The film, based on the legend of Nāga, is an independent co-production between the United States and India.[3] Endeavour Independent has bought the distribution rights of Hisss.[25] Sherawat promoted the film with live snakes at the Cannes Film Festival 2010.[26] Hisss was release in all major Indian languages on 22 October 2010.[27]

Sherawat also finished shooting for another Hollywood film. Love, Barack aka "Politics of Love", directed by William Dear.[28] She plays Aretha Gupta, a devoted local Obama volunteer coordinator. The film is a romantic comedy set during Barack Obama's campaign for the US Presidency. First look of Love, Barack was unveiled by Sherawat at Cannes 2010.[29]

The daring actress of Indian cinema, Mallika Sherawat has graciously featured on the cover of prestigious Indian edition magazine of FHM, effectively for April 2011. Mallika Sherawat who is truly known in Bollywood for her avatar that is quite bold is rightfully finding it hard to perfectly balance her marvellous career. She very much tried to woo the magnificent directors of Hollywood but it all went in vein. In true sense, she unfortunately even lost her presence in Bollywood because of this reason.

Mallika Sherawat tried very hard to win back, her crowned position in the tinsel town so far, only time will be able to tell whether she will succeed in her endeavour or not. Anyway, it is impossible to guess what was going on in the mind of the actress when she agreed to do the photo shoot for the FHM magazine. This is not the first time that Mallika Sherawat went topless. For the first time the actress went topless for a magazine.

She has acted in many roles, in the Indian cinema throughout her career. Most of the characters she played were audacious. Let us wait for the reaction of the viewers in India, about the bold photos of her in the magazine. She has once again proven that she is the most dare to bare actress of the Indian movie industry.

Sherawat won the 2008 Renaissance Artist Award at the 16th Annual Diversity Awards held in California.[30] On 14 August 2009, Sherawat received a career recognition Honorary Citizenship of Los Angeles for her career achievements and charitable efforts.[31]

FilmographyYear Film Role Notes

2002 Jeena Sirf Merre Liye Seema (Special appearance) Credited as Reema Lamba

2003 Khwahish Lekha Khorzuvekar

2004 Kis Kis Ki Kismat Meena Madhok

2004 Murder Simran Saigal

2005 Bachke Rehna Re Baba Padmini a.k.a. Paddu/Alka/Meera

2005 The Myth Indian Princess Chinese film

2006 Pyaar Ke Side Effects Trisha

2006 Shaadi Se Pehle Sania

2006 Darna Zaroori Hai Riya

2007 Guru Jhumpa — The Dancer Item number Mayya Mayya

Special Appearance

2007 Aap Ka Suroor - The Real Love Story Ruby Special Appearance

2007 Preeti Yeke Bhoomi melide Item number Kannada

2007 Welcome Ishika

2008 Dasavathaaram Jasmine Tamil film

2008 Ugly Aur Pagli Kuhu

2008 Maan Gaye Mughal-e-Azam Shabnam

2010 Hisss Naagin English, Hindi crossover film

2011 Politics of Love[32] Aretha Gupta English, in post production

2011 Double Dhamaal Kamini

2011 Thank You[33] Razia Special Appearance in item number

2011 Bin Bulaye Baarati Shalu Special Appearance in item number

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Stripping Sherawat

I recently discovered that some dude in India has sued Mallika Sherawat for an apparent show of obscenity; she pulled down some guy’s trousers at a New Year’s Eve party. Rediff covers it here [Mallika will strip all men], a clip from the dance is on YouTube, photos are here.
I would understand if the person whose trousers got pulled off sued Ms. Sherawat, after all dancing without your trousers in public can’t be all that fun (or is it?). Especially if you are sporting a hard-on which is a definite possibility with Sherawat shaking-it about.
But why would a total stranger unconnected to the whole episode, wants to sue Sherawat?
 A similar incident Happened to Anarkalli Akarsha when some government official accused Ranjan Ramanayake of forcing Anarkalli to strip down during the shooting of One Shot. Now everyone likes Anarkali, her long list of admirers includes the president, his sons, the foreign minister, and apparently business tycoons. Hell, even I don’t mind her as long as she doesn’t speak. That’s one part of her that hasn’t developed much from her preteens or even earlier. Now Anarkalli is apparently suing a certain newspaper who came up with the story.
What would it take for subcontinent creatures to mind their own business I will never know.

Hottie Friday: Mallika Sherawat

Today I have but one question to ask. It just doesn't seem appropriate enough for me to just say it. Me, I say it would have the effect of being quite inadequate. So I ask you, "How damn HOT and SEXY is Indian bombshell Mallika Sherawat?! How Hot? To what degree is Miss Sherawat hot? What level does your thermometer rise to when she's present?!
I've asked myself the same question and believe me when I tell you I am yet to come up with a degree of hotness that befits her. Imagine that; me, Slym; unbelievable right? Gotta be. This is proof of the effects of looking at too many hot and gorgeous women. At some point in time the brain is sure to suffer 'hotness overload'. When did I first notice this Indian goddess of beauty? When she appeared in a film by my most beloved Karate and action entertainment master - Jackie Chan in The Myth (2005), right away I was smitten; there's no denying it. Then when I later saw her in Guru in 2007, I knew it was not just a passing fancy. No, it was the real thing; I was hooked for sure for life. Her beauty is overwhelming and overpowering. Her body rocks hard. Her hair is amazingly silky, shiny and healthy. Her sexiness is beyond words and her hotness will make you strip down in a heartbeat and dive into a tub filled with ice to prevent you from combusting and/or exploding! The woman is really really seriously HOT!
She was born Reema Lamba in Karnal, Haryana, India and has a degree in Philosophy from Miranda House, Delhi University. After graduating from university (2002), she moved to Bombay to pursue a career in modeling and the film industry. This career choice caused her to be estranged from her family who were/are extremely religious. In 2003 when she landed her first acting role in Khwahish, she changed her name to Mallika (meaning empress) and used her mother's maiden name Sherawat. It is said she chose to use her mother's maiden name because although her mother was not pleased with her choice of career, she still offered her daughter support. So far in her career she has appeared in fifteen films and is working on an additional three. Of the total films (18), approximately seven of these are English (language) films. Hisss is in post-production, Fauj Mein Mauj is being filmed and Unveiled is in production. Her very first onscreen debut was in Lak Tunoo, a music video by Surjit Bindrakhia. To date she has received one nomination for her role in Murder in 2005. She received the nomination for Best Actress at the Zee Cine Awards ceremony. The film was also the biggest hit for that year (2004). However, it is her performance in the 2006 film Pyaar Ke Side Effects that has garnered the most praise from around the industry. And if you have the notion that Sherawat is all beauty and no brains, then perish the thought. You already know she has a degree in Philosophy; however it is pertinent to disclose that Sherawat is widely known for being very out-spoken, self-assured, determined and independent. I know what you're thinking and I wholeheartedly agree - what a combination! To prove my point, take a look at some personal quotes from the sex symbol herself! "I've slogged like crazy to get where I am. And those who think it's just my body that got me where I am, they should take a look at the others who have rushed in after me. They haven't gone beyond their first feverish film". "I have always looked up to Bipasha and she has certainly opened a lot of doors for many actresses like us. But I don't want to compete against anyone. I think I am one of a kind". "I would like to say I handle criticism well. In fact I enjoy reading the comments of the critics. It's great to have critics blasting you all the time. It keeps you on your toes, spurs you, challenges you, makes you want to get better. I take everything positively. There's so much to learn and do." "Isn't it great that I evoke a reaction from people? Whether it is good or bad is secondary. The thing is that I like being myself. I find it very tiresome to put up a fake smile, say the right things, be diplomatic. It's just not in my personality to be like that." "Who cares what people say about me? I am right on the ball. And I don't think one should take oneself too seriously. Be like the laughing Buddha, I always say, smile through life! It will immediately look better!" "I never wanted to belong to a crowd. I never had a herd mentality...I always knew what I wanted and I made sure I got it. And I always knew that I wanted to be an actress. I exist because I can act. I will not sit here and say, 'Arrey, by chance, offer aa gaya' (I got the offer by chance). No, I made acting happen to me. The first opportunity I got to act, I grabbed it. Nobody had even heard of me till a couple of years ago. But it's by sheer hard work and focus that I am here. Also, I think I chose the right scripts. Like Robert De Niro says, 'Talent is in the choice you make!'." Did I mention that she has a very candid sense of humor too? How could I have not? How remiss of me *insert me scolding myself here - I'm so disappointed in myself*. Take a look at this next quote. "My family doesn't understand the concept of going to Cannes. My mother keeps telling all my relatives, 'Oh, woh kahin gayi hain' (she has gone somewhere). I don't even try and explain to her what Cannes was all about, because she will not understand. When they saw my outfits, their eyes popped out of their sockets, that's what got their attention!" "If a chemical drug like Viagra is accepted by society and by the world to ignite desire, then what is the problem with my audio-visual drug called cinema which ignites desire? Both are basically doing the same thing!" (I know I told you about her outspokenness before, but just in case you forgot, this next one is a stalk reminder *I love this one*) On being criticized for doing kissing scenes: "For God's sake, I am a young girl. Do I look like a nun to you? If the hero can enjoy the kiss, why can't I? And to top it all Himanshu (Khwahish [2003]) is very good looking." The way I see it, there might have been some of you who were skeptical at the beginning. You must have been thinking, 'sure she's a knock-out, but I'm sure she's shallow'. Well what do you think now? And I ask you once more, 'How fucking damn hot is Mallika Sherawat?"!